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Pump Up Your Energy and Vitality

Eating well increases your energy, vitality, and endurance. Learn how to easily incorporate new knowledge, skills, and strategies to optimize your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Be motivated to adopt personal goals to improve your life. Healthy eating patterns will leave you looking good, and feeling good. Achieve lasting energy throughout the day, even after work. Get ready to pump up your vitality and energy!
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The goals of this course

  • Discover long-term energy and vitality by choosing the right foods.
  • Support your wellbeing by optimizing your gut health.
  • Feel motivated to adopt a personalized healthy eating pattern.
  • Improve your menu planning and meal preparation skillset.
  • Learn to manage your blood sugars for endurance and stamina.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Michelle Deschênes

Michelle believes that food is fun and food is science. Michelle Deschênes has been employed as a Registered Dietary Technologist in hospitals throughout Canada for over 20 years. Michelle believes in real nutrition from real food. She wants to take the fight out of food because eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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