What You Eat. Unique, Like You.

You may have completed a lesson or two of the Nutrition for Life course already. The ideas, sharing, learning and exploring will continue. Check out the Community Forum. March is Nutrition Month and the theme is "What you eat. Unique like you." What does that mean to you? We may each have a different interpretation of our own uniqueness. That is the point! We each have our food preferences, our own likes and dislikes. The taste, smell and texture of the food varies for each of us. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique, embrace the differences of our food preferences and also our cultural influences. Sometimes it is challenging to keep the focus on making better food choices most of the time. Look for meal items that provide the best food value. This means choosing the best nutrition i.e. vitamins, minerals, fiber, nutrients. Some of us may have special needs, depending on our age, gender, and therapeutic needs i.e. low sodium, low sugar, gluten intolerant, food allergies, diabetes etc. Raising awareness that we are all unique keeps us more open minded and thoughtful of our needs and the needs of others.

The Dietitians of Canada have created an e-book featuring 15 recipes to help celebrate Nutrition Month.

Check out the link below, and happy cooking :)


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